MAMBI: Create365 Happy Planner

I recently purchased a new planner, this time it’s a discbound type planner by Me and My Big Ideas called Create365 Happy Planner. It wasn’t the design I originally wanted but rather than going home empty handed I bought this one instead. I always customize my planners anyway so I knew I can make it my own and love the end result.

At last July came and I was able to use this planner (I didn’t have the extension pack) I started making my own stickers to match the theme of the week. I loved making the stickers so much that I decided to make more to list on Etsy. You can view my shop here: My Decorated Bliss Planner Printables.

Here’s some of the printables I have so far. These fit the MAMBI Happy Planners but you can also use it for whatever planner you have.

I have a little freebie for my blog readers…

I hope you like it. Don’t forget to tell your planner friends about this freebie.

My Plans For Project Life 2015

2015 will be my third year documenting my family’s through Project life. How many years I’ve actually finished an album? None. Yes that’s right I haven’t finished an album, I’m not even attempting to finish this year and that’s okay. I’ve documented my life, my family memories weekly until about August. I don’t know what happened really, I became busy, I didn’t take a lot of photos, I lost my creative mojo or maybe all of the above. Of course I wished I have a finished album, that would be awesome who wouldn’t want that right? But you know I look at my finished pages and I’m happy with that I’ve got. There are still many weeks of everyday photos and stories and will forever be remembered in my album. It’s not a full year yes but I still smile and laugh out loud looking at the photos, relieving the memories and sharing the stories with my girls. This is why I’m going to keep on doing Project Life, who knows maybe this year I get to finish an album.

What I plan to do for 2015:
Use 12×12 album – I’m not very picky with my album. I’m sticking to the 12×12 because I feel like it’s the right size for me.
Use what I have and not buy anymore supplies – Okay I am saying this because I already bought my core kits and themed packs this year. I will also say that I have almost all the core kits, and then other cards from different manufacturers. My goal is to use what I have now and not be tempted to buy anymore. I just cancelled my Studio Calico PL subscription as well. I love their kits most of the time but I have months of unused ones so it wasn’t practical to continue subscribing right now.
Use my planner/iphone to jot down notes – Last year I made a printable insert for Project Life, this year however I will just use my Kikki.K planner weekly inserts to write down quotes, stories, etc to use as reference when working on my pages.
Use Design A page protectors – Okay so I have a lot of other page protectors and I also want to use them but for the most part I’ll just stick to Design A to make it easier to work on my pages.
Use my Iphone 6 for taking pictures – As much as I want to use my big ‘ol DSLR to take everyday photos, I have to be realistic that 97% of the time it’s not gonna happen. It’s just easier to snap pictures with my phone these days, I get to capture more moments with my girls with it.

I am excited to work on my cover page for 2015. It’s going to be a great year of fun adventures, memory keeping and storytelling.